Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My Top 10 Suggestions for the next Turner series books Courtney Milan should NOT write

I'm reading the deliciousness that is Courtney Milan's Unraveled at the moment and I devoured Unclaimed and Unveiled earlier this year, as well as the Turner novella Unlocked.  Last night, while putting myself to sleep, instead of counting sheep, I came up with my top 10 list of the next books in the Turner series Courtney Milan should NOT write (I'm seriously hoping the Turner series isn't finished yet, so you never know, Ms. Milan may find these un-suggestions useful).   

Anyway, it amused me, so I thought I would share.  Of course, it was VERY late and I was VERY tired.

In no particular order:-

Uncoordinated - she's clumsy and he's a fashion nightmare

Unedited - she can't spell and he has Tourette's

Unhinged - he's a carpenter and she's insane

Unabridged - she can't shut up and he's well endowed

Unzipped -  she's a gossip and he's a flasher

Unearthed - the paranormal Turner book, he's a vampire, she's a zombie

Unassembled - the contemporary Turner book, she's flaky and he works for Ikea

Unplanned - secret baby plot

Unpuckered - I'll give you three guesses

Unstrapped - the BDSM Turner book, she likes control and he likes it hard

Got any more suggestions for Turner books Courtney Milan should NOT write?  Leave them in the comments!


Suleikha Snyder said...

Unbound: He writes eBooks; she likes to go bra-less.

Unseated: Wherein there is rampant Preparation H product placement.

Marg said...

Unbelievable - He's a priest, she's a nun.

willaful said...

But I want to read all of these!

Kaetrin said...

@willaful ha ha - you'll have to petition Courtney about that! :D

She could write Turner books for the rest of her life the way we're all coming up with new titles (everyone knows that's where the REAL work is!! :P)

MrsMixx said...

LMAO I love these! You had me laughing all along. Teehee!

Kaetrin said...

@pattepoilue thx! :)

Stephanie Abbott said...


Anonymous said...

TOO hilarious! How about Unappetizing where she's a chef and he has food allergies?

mbot565 said...

Bwahahaha! I LOVE all of these!
I laughed so hard, I hurt my side.

carly m. said...

This was hilarious. I think Unhinged and Unabridged are my favorites.