Monday, December 31, 2012

Last Stop by Lou Harper

Why I read it: This book has been on my radar for a while and I bought it the other day at the ARe sale.

What it's about: (from Goodreads)  When love drifts into his life, danger isn't far behind.

Sam Mayne's life is as dull as the dishwater in his small-town Montana diner, and that's just how he wants it. Quiet, uneventful, safe from his shadowy past. The breezy young drifter who answers his help-wanted ad makes him uneasy in ways he dare not examine too closely. Except he can't help but be pulled in by Jay Colby's spunky attitude, endless stories, and undeniable sex appeal.

Fresh off yet another romantic disaster, Jay doesn't understand his attraction to the taciturn line cook, but there's no fighting the chemistry that lands them in bed together. Where Sam's subtly dominant streak takes command, and Jay delights in discovering the pleasures of his submissive side.

Safe in the assumption their relationship is temporary, neither lover holds back when the heat is on. Until Sam's deadly past catches up with them with a vengeance, forcing him to drop the life he's built, pick up his lover, and run. As danger cuts closer to the bone, Sam and Jay are forced to face the truth. About themselves, about the depth of their love-and the newly forged bonds that are about to be tested to the limit.

What worked for me (and what didn't): Unfortunately, the book didn't quite live up to my expectations.  The main lack, for me, was the relationship build.  I didn't see Sam and Jay fall in love. I  saw a lot of (pretty hot) sex and some action but the falling in love part was kind of missing for me.  Jay seemed fairly sad - someone who'd been rejected time and time again, who traded a roof over his head for sex and nothing really changed in his relationship with Sam, other than that they ended up staying together.  I didn't see any cue which told me this relationship was different to Jay's other relationships - other than that I knew that Sam was the hero. Jay didn't seem empowereed to me, he seemed unhappy.  I didn't see Sam falling for Jay really, there wasn't much introspection on his part so I couldn't see why Sam fell for Jay other than that he was available for sex.  

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Waking Up Married by Mira Lyn Kelly

Why I read it: I picked this one up from NetGalley, having heard a lot of good things about this author and the story sounded fun.

What it's about:  (from Goodreads) Her first thought: "Who are you?"

It's the morning after her cousin's bachelorette party in Vegas and Megan Scott wakes up with the mother of all hangovers. Even worse, she's in a stranger's penthouse having woken up with something else as well—a funny, arrogant, sexy...husband!

Up until now, finding even a boyfriend had seemed impossible—been there, got the broken heart, sworn off men for good. Then a few martinis with, Connor Reed and she's gone from first meet to marriage in one night!

Megan wants a lawyer. But Connor's shocking bombshell?

"I don't want a divorce."

What worked for me (and what didn't): Some of my Goodreads friends have read this one and looking at their reviews, it's like they were reading a different book.  Unfortunately, Connor and I got off on the wrong foot and we never recovered.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

I'm over at ARRA again...

with reviews of the first 5 Hot Down Under releases by Momentum Books:-

A Room With  A View  by Kylie Scott
A Real Online Fantasy by Cara Ellink
The Final Wish by Tracey O'Hara
Beneath the Light of a Silver Moon by Mel Teschco
A Sporting Chance by Rhyll Bies

Why not stop by and say hello?

Trick of Time by JL Merrow

Why I read it:  I picked this up from NetGalley as soon as I heard there was a new JL Merrow available.

What it's about:  (from Goodreads)  A lover from another time

When Ted Ennis steps out the doors of the Criterion Theatre for a cigarette and finds himself in Victorian London, he begins to doubt his sanity. At first he thinks it's all a film set, and is sure that the strikingly handsome young man leaning against a lamppost must be the leading man…

What starts as a sordid transaction with a beautiful rent boy quickly turns into something much deeper, drawing him back again and again as he gets to know Jem and craves meaningful encounters with him.

But Ted doesn't understand the exact conditions necessary for his trips through time—and for Jem, time may actually be running out. Now Ted has one last shot to get back to Jem and save their relationship, before it's too late…

What worked for me (and what didn't): This delightful story was a perfect evening's read, coming in at just over 80 pages long.  After spending some time on Twitter in the past few days talking about how writing short is a special talent and how, often in a shorter format, an established couple is going to work better for me to believe the HEA, this book comes along and shows me that in rare cases, it doesn't have to be this way for me to enjoy it.

Monday, December 24, 2012

First Impressions trilogy by Josephine Myles

Why I read it: I had about an hour to read and I wanted to finish something in that time rather than start a longer book, so I opened up First Impressions, a short which is 25 pages long (ish).  Then I read the other two.   If you're in the mood for some small bites of m/m romance, I recommend.

First Impressions  This delightful little story is about Jez, a "Viking hippy" artist with long blond dreads and an attitude, who becomes fascinated by a man he sees on the train every morning.  The man (Steve) wears the most lurid socks Jez has ever seen, even though the rest of him appears to be buttoned down tight.  And he seems to have an endless supply of these socks - as there are a different pair every day.  At about 25 pages, the story shows their growing interaction on the train, their sexy encounter where Jez finds out that appearances can be deceiving - Steve is much more like his socks than his suit - and gives a satisfying jump ahead to a HEA.  It was good fun and as usual, I loved the sense of place Ms. Myles infuses into the story with the setting and the language.

Fuzzy  At only 12 or so pages, this little story is a kind of vignette where we catch up with Jez and Steve after they've been living together for 5 months.  Steve has a broken leg and is stuck at home and when Jez gets home early one day he catches Steve hiding something under the couch cushions.  Hijinks ensue.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Virtual Advent Tour

When my husband and I first married (December 5th 1998) we didn't have tons of money for a fancy Christmas tree and decorations - especially not so soon after the wedding.  But we thought it would be fun if we bought one really nice Christmas decoration every year, so that eventually, we would be able to get rid of all the cheap decorations and have a lovely set of decorations which would one day maybe become something of a family heirloom to pass to any children we would have.  

The first year, the special decoration was our Christmas angel for the top of the tree.  

Home Work by Kaje Harper (+ Compensations)

Why I read it:  I've enjoyed the other books in this series and picked this up with my Buy-10-get-1-free code from ARe recently as it retails at $8.99 which is pricey.

What it's about: (from Goodreads)  Mac and Tony thought the hard part was over. They’re together openly as a couple, sharing a home and building a life with their two children. It’s what they dreamed of. But daughter Anna struggles with the changes, Ben is haunted by old secrets, Mac’s job in Homicide still demands too much of his time, and Tony is caught in the middle. It’s going to take everything these men can give to create a viable balance between home and work. Especially when the outside world seems determined to throw obstacles in their way.

What worked for me (and what didn't): 
Having thoroughly enjoyed Life Lessons and Breaking Cover, it really was a no brainer for me to pick this book up.  I love the characters in the series, the way Mac has come out of the closet and embraced a relationship with Tony and become a full time father to Anna and now to Ben also.  In this story, Mac and Tony struggle to find the balance with work and family and take steps to solidify their relationship (hint: they take a brief trip to Iowa!).  The police procedural side of the story was interesting and seemed quite believable in terms of how long things took, working on other cases in slower parts of the investigation etc.  

Friday, December 21, 2012

Fix You by Mari Carr

Why I read it:  I get the Samhain Newsletter and when I read the blurb I was hooked, so I pre-ordered and read it as soon as I could.  Also, I love the Coldplay song on which the title is based.

What it's about: (from Goodreads)  After too many years of secretly loving her best friend, Zoey realizes she’s been shortchanging herself. It’s time to take action. This New Year’s Eve heralds the year she’s going to tell Rob the truth. Even if he is on the road, reaching for musical stardom with his band.

Her plan is derailed when she discovers a lump in her breast—and it’s not “nothing to worry about”. How can she ask Rob to take a chance on love when her future is so uncertain?

Rob has spent his entire life chasing his dream, but the moment he hears Zoey’s voice on the phone, he realizes he’s been running the wrong race. Zoey never sounds like she’s been crying. Ever. Without a second thought, he books a flight for home, determined to give her everything she needs. A shoulder to cry on, a hand to hold…and nights of intensely emotional, passionate sex.

His biggest challenge, though, is convincing his best friend that he’s in it for the long haul. Because he finally knows what he wants, and it’s not fame and fortune. It’s her—and her love.

What worked for me (and what didn't):  Despite the heavy subject matter, the book isn't all doom and gloom.  The author cleverly blends flashbacks of special moments from Zoey's and Robbie's history, showing the reader how they met and what they mean to each other.  The cancer treatment sounded realistic to me (I hope I never have to find out how realistic) but the surgery was glossed over - it was mentioned and then it was past.  I didn't mind that it wasn't a focus but I was a little surprised that the story skipped from planned treatment straight to having chemotherapy.  

Thursday, December 20, 2012

I'm over at ARRA with...

a review of Michelle Diener's The Emporer's Conspiracy.  There's a giveaway for ARRA members. I gave it a C- but that was largely because I was expecting a romance and it's more a historical novel with some romantic elements.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

5 star reads/listens for 2012 (Part the Second)

These books couldn't be included in my "Best of 2012" post because they were all published before 2012.  But I read/listened to them this year and they were worth every single one of those rare 5 stars.  So here's my list.  Sorry I can't think of a sexy title.



Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Best of 2012 from 2012

I'm coming up to my third blogoversary but I've not done a "best of" list* before.  I thought it might be fun to do it this year.   Also, I'm a sheep.  Baaa.

*Because I got my data from my Goodreads catalogue, I'm going to talk in terms of star ratings here, even though it's not usually how I review here on the blog.

Books released this year represented about 1/3 of my reading/listening so that made it a bit of a challenge for my best of listThis year, I read/listened to 87 books published in 2012* but only 4 of those were 5 star reads.  Still, there are some very excellent 4 star reads on my list.

*Audiobooks first published as audiobooks in 2012 count.  So there.

In total, I rated 21 books 5 stars this year but 17 of them were published before 2012.

Monday, December 17, 2012

O Come All Ye Kinky, edited by Sarah Frantz

Why I read it:  I picked this one up from NetGalley but Sarah Frantz had already whet my appetite with her Twitter stories of editing hijinks well before then.

Tree Topper by Jane Davitt - B-  Stan and Martin have been together for a while but things have started to pall.  Martin is an inexperienced Dom and thinks that is the reason Stan is pulling away. Things come to a head (pardon the pun) at Christmas when the men finally have a frank discussion and make a new plan.  Essentially, the conflict was a big misunderstanding which is one of my least favourite tropes in romance.  However, in a shorter format, that trope does tend to work a little better for me (less time for me to gnash my teeth) and while I find it frustrating, it seemed believable. When Martin took control (which fortunately was quite early on in the short story) and they began to talk and sort things out, the story became a lot more fun for me.  But I'd keep Martin away from the duct tape myself.  :)

'Twas the Night by Ava March - B    Set in 1820, Percy, a barrister's clerk goes to visit Michael.  Percy loves to submit and Michael gently challenges him to ask for what he wants.  The story is sweet and sexy.  I really liked how Michael got Percy to open up (pardon the pun) about what he wanted and how that led to both men being more forthcoming about their feelings.

Fireworks by Katie Porter- B-  Rachel and Emma have been meeting regularly for two years but New Year's Eve will be their last night together - Rachel is moving to Tokyo for a 2 year assignment and continuing their long distance relationship is not practical.  Emma wants more but Rachel has refused.  Rachel believes she is not long term relationship material; that eventually everyone will leave her, so she does the leaving first.   I've not read very much f/f but I found this story to be sexy and enjoyable (albeit that the tongue biting was a bit ouchy for me) - which, given that I'm a hero-centric reader and there was nary a hero in sight in this story, says something.  I did think that Rachel's motivation for being so relationship averse was a bit underdeveloped and she did make a quick turnaround in the circumstances, but I think both of those things are probably more about the length of the format.  What I did like especially, was the way it was shown that the pain in their sex play was a quite different pain to the emotional pain Emma was experiencing at the imminent death of their relationship - I've probably not worded that well, because it sounds so obvious reading it back, but I can't come up with a better explanation I'm afraid.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Her Singapore Fling by Kelly Hunter

Why I read it:  Previously (also?) published under the title Red Hot Renegade, it's a book I've heard from a number of blogger/Twitter friends is worth my time.  Kat from Book Thingo is a big fan of this book and she even mentioned it in the recent DBSA podcast with Sarah Wendell. So I picked it (and 10 or 11 other Kelly Hunter books) up from the recent eHarlequin 50% off sale.  I'm so weak.

What it's about:  (from Goodreads)  In desperate need of protection, Jianne Xang-Bennett reluctantly turns to her estranged husband, martial arts expert Jacob Bennett, for help. But there are problems: they've been separated for twelve years and cannot be in the same room together without arguing or ripping each other's clothes off--often at the same time.

But Jacob will go to extremes for those he loves, and Jianne is the only woman who can bring this honorable warrior to his knees. Can they delve beneath their red-hot desire and blazing anger to find the love that has always been hiding?

What worked for me (and what didn't): There so much to like about this book - so much that's unusual and well done - for one, it's set in Singapore and the sense of place is strong throughout the story.  The heroine is Chinese and she is written that way.  I'm no expert, but she didn't have the same Western sensibility I know - insofar as I can judge, she seemed Asian to me.  The hero is an Australian martial arts expert with his own dojo in Singapore.  Then there's that the heroine is super rich - way better off than our hero.   Add to that, that it's a second chance at love story (they're married and have been estranged for 12 years) and really, it's made of win.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Blindsided by Sayer Adams

Why I read it:  I saw it recommended in a list of rock star hero books and bought it for 99c from Amazon a while back.  I had a hankering for a rock star and Mari Carr's Fix You wasn't released yet, so I picked this up.

What it's about: (from Goodreads)  Can two people who can't overcome their own pasts help each other move on and find happiness? When a disillusioned rock star is confronted by an anxiety ridden travel writer, he has a week to prove he's not one of the bad boys she's sworn off. But first he has to convince himself and find out why she's running herself into the ground by running around the world.

Chelsea Spencer is a travel writer who has spent the last six years traveling at a punishing pace that leaves little time for food or sleep. When her body shuts down in the Australian Outback, her doctors give her strict orders to stay put for two months. Chelsea complies by staying in Seattle with her brother, but for Chelsea, stopping is more hazardous than running. Old anxiety and panic fueled by feelings of helplessness flood Chelsea when her mind isn't otherwise occupied and the months seem like torture. All she wants is to get back on the road without any further complications; like a broken heart.


SPOILER WARNING:  I can't truly explain my thoughts about this book without giving spoilers.  You are warned.


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Came Upon a Midnight Clear by Katie Porter

Why I read it:  I have Double Down and Inside Bet on my TBR and I was really excited to see an m/m romance was next up.  I pre-ordered and, after being assured by the Book Pushers that it was a stand alone, I dived in.

What it's about:  (from Goodreads)  Lights, lovers…action!  

Born to old Virginia money, film producer Kyle Wakefield’s conservative upbringing kept him in the closet. Only once did he venture outside: for a tempestuous teenage affair with Nathan Carnes. When Nathan’s self-destructive streak landed him in prison, Kyle slammed the door on youthful hopes. Despite Hollywood successes, he still hides his true self.

He thought he’d moved on, until his production company hires Nathan and his Second Chances stunt crew to work on the London set of a big-budget action flick. Watching Nathan risk life and limb with fellow ex-cons looking for a fresh start makes it tough for Kyle to keep his desires hidden.

Thirteen years have passed since Nathan’s teenage self-doubt led him to sabotage any chance of a future with Kyle. He’s come a long way since then, but despite their explosive sexual chemistry, Kyle treats their attraction like a deep dark secret.

Their matched Hollywood ambitions and a pain-in-the-ass director make cooperation essential. As the London holiday season casts its spell, the two men find themselves on the verge of falling in love again—even as old secrets and pain keep them shackled. The only hope of unlocking their hearts is a Christmas miracle.

What worked for me (and what didn't): I'm not sure why this book didn't work as well for me as I'd hoped it would.  Possibly it suffered from being so close to my reading of the excellent Private Dicks (which is a completely different book so, maybe not).  But, for some reason, I didn't really connect with the characters. 

Monday, December 10, 2012

Hide Out by Katie Allen

Why I read it:  After the success of Private Dicks and seeing that many of my Goodreads friends loved the follow up book too, I bought this one as well.  Damn ARe sales...

What it's about: (from Goodreads) When Officer Peter Giordano is assigned to keep Trevor Haas safe until he can testify against his murderous father, he expects the hardest part of his job will be keeping his hands off the gorgeous witness. The two men hide out in the small, sleepy town of Honeysuckle, fixing up their dilapidated safe house by day...exploring each other's bodies by night.Their small-town neighbors have some secrets of their own, however, including one that someone is willing to kill to protect. Soon, a neighbor is dead and Pete and Trevor are thrown into the middle of a murder investigation. The two men struggle to keep Trevor's true identity a secret, knowing his father will stop at nothing to silence the star witness against him-even if that means killing his own son.Note: Pete and Trevor won't have to go it alone. Wash and Rhodes, the crush-worthy heroes from Private Dicks, are along for the ride once again.

What worked for me (and what didn't): This one didn't work quite as well for me as Private Dicks.  Possibly it's because I read them back to back and that made the flaws in this one more obvious, because they were largely missing from the earlier book.  I can believe a fast romance when the couple already know and like each other.  Established relationships which turn romantic or return to romance work best for me in a shorter format or time frame.  Hide Out was a bit longer than Private Dicks (nearly 200 pages) but the romance between Trevor and Pete occurs in a matter of days - when they had never laid eyes on each other before the start of the book.   While I liked Trevor and Pete together, the blurb had set me up for a long slow burn - 7 months of home renovations - but, like the romance, the renovations were done at lightning speed (possibly it's the fastest reno in history aside from TV reality shows).  

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Aftershock by Jill Sorenson

Why I read it: The author provided a review copy. 

What it's about:  (from Goodreads)  THERE'S A FINE LINE  As an emergency paramedic, Lauren Boyer is dedicated and highly capable. Until an earthquake strikes, trapping her beneath the freeway with a group of strangers-including Iraq war veteran Garrett Wright...


Handsome and take-charge Garrett aids Lauren in her rescue efforts, even as the steely look in his eyes seems to hide dark secrets. When a gang of escaped convicts goes on the attack, Garrett's bravery makes him more than a courageous bystander to Lauren. If they can save the others before time runs out, maybe, just maybe, they can explore the fire igniting between them-if the truth about who he really is doesn't pull them apart forever....

What worked for me (and what didn't): Given that the earthquake is right at the start, we're into the action almost immediately - and the action just keeps right on going.  The description of the quake and the first aftershock was gripping and the confusion, terror and grief is palpable.    The author pulls no punches in describing the carnage - including later on in the book when the bodies have been decomposing for a few days in the heat and bits are falling off (ew!).  There are no zombies but if you're squeamish, this might be a bit much.  (It's hard to find a hero terribly sexy when he's covered in gore.)

Thursday, December 6, 2012

A New Alliance

Brie from Romance Around the Corner put her wishlist together of what she wants to see in romance next year.  You should read it; it's a very good post and I agree with all of her list.  The comments turned to important topics (as they do) and pretty soon, there was demand (from me) for a button.  Mandi from Smexy Books took up the challenge and rallied to the call and lookie here:

ETA: I misread the tweet. Brie made the button. Credit where credit is due and all that.  :D 

So, who will join me in this new Alliance?

Sign up in the comments.

Private Dicks by Katie Allen

Why I read it: There was a sale at ARe and there was my wishlist. Goodreads recommendations are bad for my wallet. Enough said.

What it's about: (from Goodreads)  Ex-cop Isaac Rhodes is a tough and intimidating private investigator with a talent for kicking in doors and knocking bail jumpers' heads together. His only soft spot is for his partner, Nate Washington—though Wash makes him anything but soft. He's silently lusted after Wash for a year, until his desire drives him to finally come out to his partner.

This confession leads to Wash admitting a few secrets of his own, unleashing needs that result in hot, sweaty, sexy, man-on-man intimacy. Rhodes is elated...until Wash admits he's unsure if he's willing to endure the often prejudice-filled life of an outed gay man. Crushed, Rhodes backs off. But one missing child—and a gun to Wash's head—convinces Rhodes to do whatever it takes to get his man.

What worked for me (and what didn't): In terms of the mix between romance and suspense and making the two work and play off each other, this book was pretty much perfect.  Loads of romance and connection and fun.  The suspense plot was believably intertwined with the romance and the two leads didn't try and have sex when bullets were flying.  Because Wash and Rhodes have been working together for about a year when the book starts, the speed of the developing romance works - they have an established relationship which becomes more than friendly.  And, having to go undercover in a gay club helps get them thinking in the right direction.

Let me know...

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If it doesn't work like I'd hoped, I'll try something else. :)

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Other Side of Us by Sarah Mayberry

Why I read it: I picked this one up from NetGalley.

What it's about:  (from Goodreads) 
The best thing between Oliver Barrett and Mackenzie Williams is a fence. Ever since Oliver's new-neighbor gestures were met with unfriendly responses, he's decided to keep his distance. After all, he's in this seaside town to get his life on track again. That doesn't include working hard to get on Mackenzie's good side—no matter how intriguing she may be.His intentions are put to the test, however, when his dog becomes infatuated with hers. The two crafty canines do their best to break down the barriers between the properties. And where the dogs go…well, the humans must follow! It doesn't take long for a powerful attraction to build between Oliver and Mackenzie. They soon discover that the worst of first impressions can lead to the best possible outcomes….

What worked for me (and what didn't): Oliver is a darling.  His soon-to-be ex-wife is madI mean, really.  Oliver is gorgeous, successful, kind, sexy, loving -  he can even sing and play guitar - why would any reasonable woman cheat on him with Mr. Toxic-Ex?  But that's what she does.  Lucky for Mackenzie that Oliver's on the market again.  

Sunday, December 2, 2012

November Round-Up

 On Paper/eBook 

New York to Dallas by JD Robb - B+  I listened to this one on audio when it first came out and finally got around to reading the print version.  I missed the secondary characters less in print - possibly because I knew that they weren't going to be there much going in.  I loved the Eve/Roarke angst in this one.

Favourite Quotes: 
"Hell it's so bad I even miss Summerset."
When Roarke made some sound, she turned narrowed eyes on him.  "If you ever tell him I said that, I'll shave you bald in your sleep, dress you in frilly pink panties and take a vid that I'll auction and sell for huge amounts of money."
"So noted," he said that thought: There's Eve.  There she is.   
 "...Your point of view is so noted.  Now let me tell you just the way it is.  If McQueen or anyone, got lucky, I'd pay whatever I had to pay to get you back.  And while I paid, I'd hunt him down.  And I'd find him.  When I did, he'd come to wish I ended him."
I love it when Roarke gets all alpha. *sigh* 

Hot Down Under

A Room with a View by Kylie Scott - C - very short story (21 pages) set in the same post-apocalyptic universe as her full length release (which is on my TBR) Flesh.  I reviewed this one for ARRA.

A Real Online Fantasy by Cara Ellink - B-  another super short erotic story which reviewed for ARRA. Two people who have been chatting (and sexing) online for a year decide to meet. 

Friday, November 30, 2012

Ride with Me by Ruthie Knox

Why I read it:  I've had this one on my TBR for ages and I finally decided to open it.   I think when I bought it I was a bit worried it wouldn't live up to the hype.  All my Twitter friends were saying how good it was.  I think the hype was right as it turns out.

What it's about: (from Goodreads) When Lexie Marshall places an ad for a cycling companion, she hopes to find someone friendly and fun to cross the TransAmerica Trail with. Instead, she gets Tom Geiger—a lean, sexy loner whose bad attitude threatens to spoil the adventure she’s spent years planning.

Roped into the cycling equivalent of a blind date by his sister, Tom doesn’t want to ride with a chatty, go-by-the-map kind of woman, and he certainly doesn’t want to want her. Too bad the sight of Lexie with a bike between her thighs really turns his crank.

Even Tom’s stubborn determination to keep Lexie at a distance can’t stop a kiss from leading to endless nights of hotter-than-hot sex. But when the wild ride ends, where will they go next?

What worked for me (and what didn't): I loved that this book was a straight out contemporary romance.  There were no serial killers, stalkers, explosions or terrorists.  There was just two people stuck together for months, getting to know one another, falling in love and working things out.  Oh joy!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Leave Me Breathless by Cherrie Lynn

Why I read it:  Despite DNFing Unleashed recently, after seeing the Twitter buzz about this book and, especially after seeing Mandi's review, I decided to give her another try.  This was much more successful for me. 

What it's about:  (from Goodreads)  Leather and lace don't strike sparks. Or do they?

It's Valentine's Day, but Macy Rodgers isn't feeling the love. Aside from a torrid, one-night fling in a backseat a few months back, her love life has been sorely lacking, but fortunately she has devious friends who feel like playing Cupid. Wouldn't they be shocked to learn that the match they've made for her is the same one that steamed up the back of that '69 GTO...

Seth "Ghost" Warren has just returned to town after an extended absence. Between his grandmother's failing health, his job as a tattoo artist, his band's gigs, and a crazy ex that won't leave him alone, he's stretched thin. Cautious cowgirl Macy is the last thing he needs thrown into the mix.

She's all country, he's all heavy metal—and Macy knows that if anyone can propel her out of her rut, it's Seth. But when their worlds collide, it's anyone guess if they'll survive with their hearts intact.

Warning: Contains explicit sex, graphic language, road trips, troublemaking exes, emotional baggage, and an unconventional but exceptionally hot hero tatted and pierced for your pleasure...

What worked for me (and what didn't):  I didn't finish the first book in the series and haven't read the second, but I don't think it's necessary to have read them to enjoy this book.   Macy is clearly more on the uptight side of things and Ghost (Seth) is clearly on the other.  It's a case of opposites combusting and they certainly scorch the sheets (and the backseat of his car and various other places too).    

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I'm over at ARRA...

with a review of Nalini Singh's Archangel's Storm.  I'm a busy girl today!  (I gave it a B+)

I'm Over at AudioGals today

with a review of Julie James' A Lot Like Love, narrated by Karen White.  Come and say hi. :)

Monday, November 26, 2012

Red Hot Holiday anthology by KA Mitchell, Leah Braemel & Anne Calhoun

Wish List by KA Mitchell   

Blindfolds. Handcuffs. Submission.

There's so much Jonah Kendrick hasn't tried, and so much he wants to explore. But just before Christmas he finds a ring box in his boyfriend's desk. Jonah panics. He loves Evan and their sex is hot, but how can Jonah be ready for forever, when there are so many items on his Naughty Bucket List? Desires that might drive Evan away.

Evan's noticed Jonah has been distant. His usually talkative and cheerful boyfriend is preoccupied. The seemingly straitlaced Evan stumbles across Jonah's wish list of sexual kinks, and Evan realizes he may not have to hide his true nature from Jonah after all. The Dom in him wants to see Jonah on his knees, begging, submitting, but Evan isn't sure Jonah's ready to accept what being Evan's sub would mean.

The two lovers must figure out how to share their hidden desires with each other before their secrets permanently damage their love.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Cost of Repairs by AM Arthur

Why I read it: Various of my Goodreads friends have read and liked this one and I bought it on impulse.  Sometimes when I can't decide what to read from what's on my TBR, I just go and buy something else.  (This may explain the size of my TBR *sigh*).

What it's about (from Goodreads): "Fixing the home can heal the heart-if you can find all the pieces."
Police officer Samuel Briggs is getting to know the people on his new, third-shift beat, but he'd prefer they not know too much about him-or the painful past that drove him away from New Mexico to start fresh in small-town Stratton, PA.

All he wants is peace, a manageable routine, and time to fix up his project home. There's no room in his broken heart for a new relationship. It's crowded with too many memories. But there's something about the Dixie's Cup short-order cook, who's flirty one minute, distracted the next, that piques Sam's interest.

Part-time cook, part-time hardware salesman and full-time handyman Rey King lives to work-but not because he loves it. Relationships? No time. Until one glance at Sam's haunted eyes sends a plumb line straight to his wary heart.

One afternoon of impulsive, no-strings sex begins to grow into a cautious friendship. But when Rey is seriously injured protecting a friend, the cracks in their already shaky foundation begin to show. Falling in love wasn't in either man's recovery plan...and this time, the risk could be too great.

Warning: Contains one emotionally wrecked cop, one angsty short-order cook, a few too many secrets, some meddling small-town folk, and plenty of hot man-on-man action.