Review Policy & Contact

I buy most of my books but some I win and others I receive for review, usually direct from the publisher or via NetGalley.

Regardless of where I get the book, my reviews are always my honest opinion. I review every book I read, whether I like it or not. Although some have only a mini review in the monthly reads post, every books gets a grade and every grade gets an explanation.

If you're a romance author and would like me to review your book, you can contact me at Kaetrin67 AT gmail DOT com.

If you ask me for a review, I will do my best to get to the book in a timely fashion.  If you would like a review by a certain date, please let me know in the request.  Otherwise, I'll review the book when I get to it (this could be a while).  Acceptance of your book for review does not guarantee a review unless there has been specific agreement - although it is always my plan to read a book I accept for review, sometimes life gets in the way. 

Please note that if I read the book, there will be a review and it will be my honest opinion.  So, it might not be positive.  Generally, I don't write snarky reviews (haven't the knack) and I keep the reviews all about the book, but I don't pull my punches either. Just so you know.    If you aren't sure, have a look around at the reviews on the site and you'll get a fair idea of what I mean.  Having said that, I don't read books I think I won't like, so if I accept your book for review, it is with the expectation that I will enjoy it. If you would like a link to the review once it's up, let me know and I will send you an email when the time comes. I won't send a link without a specific request.

Due to time pressure, I have decided not to participate in Blog Tours at this time.

I also review for ARRA (the Australian Romance Readers Association) and I review audiobooks for AAR's Speaking of Audiobooks column.  ARRA reviews may initially appear on the ARRA blog and/or in the (members only) ARRA newsletter but I will post them (or a link) here once ARRA members have seen them, and then at Goodreads.  I (try and remember to) post links to the AAR reviews when they go up.

If you have any queries about this policy please send me an email.