Thursday, February 23, 2012

Glomming on Megan Hart

Mandi from Smexy Books recently discovered Megan Hart.  In sharing the love, I was inspired to do a re-read of 3 of my favourites of hers and read the other 2 books which had been languishing on my TBR.

Dirty - A    (re-read)
This is what happened...
I met him at the candy store.
He turned and smiled at me and I was surprised enough to smile back. This was not a children's candy store, mind you--this was the kind of place you went to buy expensive imported chocolate truffles for your boss's wife because you felt guilty for having sex with him when you were both at a conference in Milwaukee.
Hypothetically speaking, of course.
I've been hit on plenty of times, mostly by men with little finesse who thought what was between their legs made up for what they lacked between their ears.
Sometimes I went home with them anyway, just because it felt good to want and be wanted, even if it was mostly fake.
The problem with wanting is that it's like pouring water into a vase full of stones. It fills you up before you know it, leaving no room for anything else. I don't apologize for who I am or what I've done in--or out--of bed.
I have my job, my house and my life, and for a long time I haven't wanted anything else.
Until Dan. Until now. (Goodreads blurb)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Viscount Breckenridge to the Rescue by Stephanie Laurens, narrated by Matthew Brenher WARNING: It's Ranty

Why I Listened: That's a question I asked myself numerous times throughout the book.   Seriously though, I reviewed it for the Speaking of Audiobooks column at AAR but my review (rant) is just too long for the column.  So, with permission, I'm posting it here.  Read on at your peril.

What it's about:  Viscount Breckenridge to the Rescue is the first book in the Cynster Brides series by Australian author Stephanie Laurens.  Heather Cynster, daughter of Martin and Celia, is abducted from a soiree in London.  The abduction is witnessed by Viscount Breckenridge, a not-friend of hers. They don’t get along – he thinks she’s too young for him (there’s a 10 year age gap) and keeps his distance, she thinks he considers her a child.  Breckenridge follows and tries to rescue her but Heather has discovered that the kidnappers wanted only a “Cynster daughter” not specifically Heather and given that she’s being treated well (they hired a maid for her, for “countenance”) she thinks it is best to stay in their clutches and extract information about the villain behind the scheme so as to protect her cousins and sisters.  Breckenridge goes along with it and follows, keeping watch.  If that sounds like a flimsy excuse for a plot to you, it would be because it is.  Given the amount of time Heather spends with the kidnappers, she actually finds out precious little about them and even when she does, it is in brief conversations and DAYS are going by.  She’s not frightened or in any way traumatised – it’s the most pathetic kidnapping in the history of the activity.

Friday, February 3, 2012

January Reads

On Paper/eBook

The list this month is lamentably short.  Partly it was holidays but a greater part were two books which I did not really enjoy and which I spent too much time with - the less interested I am in a book, the more excuses I find not to read (oh, look! TV!  or cleaning!  or sometimes, if it's really bad, Root Canal!)  and the longer it takes me to read it.

Cover Me by Catherine Mann - DNF - I could rant but frankly, I've spent enough time on this book already.  It was silly.  It had a promising first chapter but after that, it was just silly.  The premise had so many holes in it I could have driven a truck through it and I just could not suspend my disbelief enough.  But, you know, that's me.  If you liked the book, more power to you.  There are plenty of people who did apparently.  I'm just not one of them.

Hot Zone by Catherine Mann - D+/C-  see my full review (if you dare) here.