Friday, October 12, 2012

I love this community. I really do.

Anyone who follows me on Twitter will know that my stepdad had a brain bleed yesterday and he's currently in the ICU, with a shunt draining the excess fluid from his head to relieve the pressure.  He's hanging in there, can move all his limbs and recognises people.  He's still a bit confused and a bit slurry but the doctors are saying that's to be expected.  He was having another CT scan today to check on the status of the bleed and plan future treatment. So far, so good.

When I first got the call, after a mild meltdown and a phone hug from my husband, one of the things I did was to post a Tweet asking for good thoughts and prayers.  And boy, did you guys really come through.  I've often wondered when I see someone sharing bad news or troubling times on Twitter and I've sent a message of encouragement whether I'm intruding or whether it actually has any meaning (this is more a function of me second-guessing myself as opposed to anything else) but I can honestly say, having been on the other end of it yesterday and today, that those messages of encouragement really do mean something.  They helped.  It's always good to know there are people on your side.

I don't know if other book comunities are like this, if it's just romancelandia or even if it's just *my* book community; but in any event, I love it.  I wanted to say I appreciate you guys so much - from the interesting and smart discussions we have such as here, to the support we as a community give when one of us suffers a tragedy (such as a husband being taken from his family before his time as a result of a crime or a cancer scare, etc) and most especially today, to the support given to me.  I couldn't fit it into 140 characters so I'm posting here.  It's my blog and I can be sappy here if I want to! :)

In other news, I have a review up at AudioGals today of Getting Rid of Bradley by Jenny Crusie and I have a number of other reviews lined up.  I'm also planning a giveaway to celebrate the release (on October 15) of Tigerland by Sean Kennedy so watch out for that in the next little bit too.

Sometimes I get down about the reviewing/blogging climate and some of the crap that goes on, but really, you guys (and you know who you are) make it fun and worthwhile.  So, thank you. 



Chris said...

*hugs* I'm glad it sounds like he's doing pretty well, considering.

And I know what you mean about the community - not the huge overarching romance reading community per se ('cos that gets kinda squabbly), but the personal communities of online friends we each create and that overlap extensively with each other.

Lori said...

I know how you feel I felt the same way after my teeny heart attack.

We have a powerful support system worldwide. It's awe-inspiring and amazing and goes againast everything anyone ever says about how women don't support each other.

Still keeping you & your family & stepdad in my thoughts. Please keep us posted! {{hugs}}

Kaetrin said...

@Chris - are you ever going to get on Twitter and play with me? :)

Thank you both. I heard from mum this morning. He's doing a little better. The bleeding hasn't stopped but it is slow. There is an MRI scheduled for Monday when they will plan what to do next. Looks like he will need further surgery regardless. In the meantime, he's less confused than yesterday and the nurses and doctors are telling mum that he's doing really well and everything is as expect for the situation.

He's not out of the woods yet, but he's definitely stable.

It's funny, because I don't call him my stepdad - that's a Twitter reduction. I would ordinarily introduce him as [his name], my mum's husband when introducing him to people. When he started going out with my mum (and indeed, up until 4 years ago) my own dad was still around. Also, when they started dating I was an adult (around 19/20) and wasn't really in the market for another dad, even though we've always gotten along very well. But we are very close and I love him dearly - he's been part of the family for 25ish years now. Stepdad doesn't really explain who he is to me either as it sounds such a distant term to me. He's just [insert his name here] and to me, that encompasses it all, but I can't really express that in 140 characters! :) It's much easier for my son - to him it's just "Poppy".

Chris said...

Um, no! I'm already out beyond the outer edge of connectivity overload without it! :)

I know what you mean, tho - my dad's third wife is never really my stepmom to me.

Kaetrin said...

LOL Chris! Come over to the dark side - you know you want to...

Carolyn Jewel said...

Oh, wow. I hope he continues to do better. I will be thinking good thoughts for you and your family.

Anonymous said...

Oh, so good to hear!

As for the step-dad thing: we are woefully short of accurate designations for the many people who matter in our lives.

And Tigerland rocks. I almost didn't want to read it, because I love T&D so much, but it didn't disappoint. At all.

Merrian said...

It's so funny in the sense of colliding coincidences. I just this morning had a long conversation with my Adelaide friend about made families and who we are to each other. At one point I had a step-step grandmother (my Step Father's Step Mother).

I do hope things continue to go well for your little fellow's Poppy.

Brenda Lee said...

You're a sweetheart Kaetrin - I had a step dad enter my life at 16 and I still call him(insert name here)more than I do Dad even though he has made my Mom one of the happiest women ever in a marriage for the last 30 some years. :)

Still wishing you and yours the best.

Kaetrin said...

thx everyone :)

Kassa said...

I hope he continues to get better and hope your family stays strong *hugs* take care!

Kaetrin said...

My stepdad is doing much better - the drain is out of his head and his cranial pressure is holding steady. His blood pressure is under control and there is no more bleeding. He has started eating a little and is now swallowing okay but he still has a naso-gastric tube until they are sure about his swallowing capacity. The long rehab road now starts, with speech therapy and physical therapy. He is likely to be in the hospital for a number of weeks more. I expect he will be transferred to a rehab facility at some point but I don't know which one/when right now.
Thx for all your good thoughts.

Chris said...

Glad he's doing better!