Monday, February 14, 2011

An Ode to Manly Parts

A poem in honour of the penis  *clears throat*

I wish I was a lovely boy
A penis is so cool
It dangles, grows and spurts and hangs
A very useful tool.

I see the way boys look around
Self satisfied and smooth
With cocky grins that seem to say
Don't you wish you had this too?

Fun to play with every day
Access anytime
The penis is a constant friend
Come rain or hail or shine

Alas I'll never be a boy
No standing up to wiz
I'll have to find a generous man
Who'll let me play with his.

Happy Valentine's Day! :)


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KT Grant said...

Hey Kaetrin, email me because you won the Monica Burn's contest on my blog and I couldn't find your email.